google addict.

i’ve always been a tad too obsessed about finding answers on google. needless to say, my curiosity shot up a few levels during my pregnancy. i was having the common (google says so herself!) third trimester symptoms where your bowels just go a bit craycray and you’ll have excess gas in your tummy which eventually is the reason for your perpetual need to fart and all. i was very concerned when i spotted floating stools (oh dont judge me!) one morning. that night, i googled about it and almost had a heart attack from all the answers i found online.

i quickly turned to izwan and said “i think i have a disease. it says here (shoves my phone towards izwan) that serious diseases are mainly the reason for floating stools. should i call the hospital?!” of course izwan had to calm me down and explained how floating stools are a common experience for pregnant mothers and all. uh huh, like he was the one with the baby bump.

sometime last week, i was busy chewing on almonds and almost died from choking! i quickly got up to get myself a cup of water and did that “chit chit chit look uppp, there’s a lizard on the ceiling!”  technique. after recovering, it suddenly hit me.. that almond was a bit too big eh, would i have caused my baby to choke in my tummy? so i quickly grabbed my phone and started googling about it. only halfway through did i realize.. i am a crazy google(r).

then last night, izwan had a really bad headache. i was feeling very helpless and so i googled for headache remedies. then i found one that suggested heat therapy. so i soaked a face towel in a bowl of steaming hot water and brought it to the room. feeling like a genius, i sat beside izwan, got him to get up and prop more pillows under his neck. he actually looked uncertain but i didn’t pay much attention to it. i then so lovingly took out the hot towel and lay it gently on his forehead. not sure what else to do, i just placed some pressure on it and told him “i read that heat therapy might work!”. i did this for about 5 times when i realized ooh it seemed like his forehead is slightly scalded. i told him i’ll change the water and come back in again, only to have him gently tell me that it’s alright he just needs to sleep on it. i think he hated the heat therapy method but was too nice to tell it to my face.

now i’m a few days shy from my edd, you’d think i’ll lay low and enjoy the last moments before i start worrying about nipple suckling and sleepless nights. but no, my google search has expanded from “preparing labor”, “inducing labor naturally” to “what happens if i stay pregnant for 12 months”.

hi, i’m amalina and i’m a google addict.


home is where the heart is.

izwan and i were very lucky to have gotten housewarming invites from a few friends and relatives the past months. every couple we spoke to were very helpful at offering us advices and tips; from choosing the right flooring and kitchen countertops to listing down the differences of getting loans and settling the renovation by full sum cash.

unlike me, izwan is a planner. he sees the need to plan for future possibilities and ensure we’ve got cushions to save our butts should plans fall through. he simply enjoys mapping financial plans out on excel spreadsheets, while i’m best at putting on my ‘ooh this is important but urgh maths’ face while he explains every digit on every cell.

so since my mind can’t possibly digest digits or maths (i’d like to think i’m creatively inclined lol), i offered to come up with proposals on the aesthetic components of the house!

concept: scandinavian
photo source: pinterest

just like the industrial concept, the scandinavian rave is not dying yet, it seems. a few of our friends chose the scandinavian concept and we totally dig it! the only concern i have is lacking the ‘eye’ to match the correct set of furnitures and decors to achieve the perfect look.

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concept: i call this the beautiful classic black concept
photo source: pinterest

i looooove how the concept looks so minimal yet super sleek! we can also choose to incorporate industrial-themed accessories to complete the look. though it screams classy ala-ala chanel inspired, it might look a bit too gloomy to come home to after a hard day at work, eh? okay just showed the the photos to izwan and he thinks it’s “too sleek.. don’t feel like home eh?” okay lah.. can’t get a chanel inspired house, maybe i can izwan to let me settle for the bag instead heh heh.

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concept: modern
photo source:

this may sound a little bias since it is after all my sister’s place. but i’m just loving the way they creatively placed the wall mirrors in their living room! my sister (especially) and brother in law loves white furnitures (a risk they took since they have 2 kids, but well worth it!), and that contributed to how spacious the house look.


just browsing through the designs on pinterest and online catalogues are enough to give me a headache. thank goodness the house will only be ready next year, so in the meantime i’ll probably just continue to look important staring at digits on izwan’s excel spreadsheet..

…but still feeling as lost as Mary’s little lamb. Mehh. 

oh hello.


so i am back in this whole erm.. blogging thingy. i still have no idea what i’m gon rant about on a daily basis though, but what i do have at the moment is time. plenty of it, to be honest.

besides time, i’m also having a baby (alhamdulillah). a few more weeks before the timer on my oven goes “ting!” and inshallah, little muffin is served. in the meantime, i’ll probably continue doing the usuals – waddle to and fro work, do nightly comparison of my belly button to izwan’s and watch headscarf tutorials on how to make my face appear less rounder than a corelle serving dish.

you’ll see that there’s no progression on the last item. you can still place nasi padang dishes on my face – and still have plenty of space for a spoonful of sambal belacan and a glass of teh tarik… somewhere, on my left cheek.